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Premium HGA Screen.jpg

Premium HGA Screen

The Premium HGA silver coating diffuses light uniformly across the surface, resulting in 40% more overall brightness than standard surfaces a a comparable gain. Premium HGA is the ideal surface for premium large format installations.

Highwhite featuring RealD Precision Whit



The exclusive high-tech coating widens the optimum viewing angle compared to standard silver screens and virtually eliminates the hot spot effect. With a stereo contrast ratio greater than 100:1, the Highwhite screen renders a bright, uniform picture with deep, sharp 3D images. 

Steroview 3D Silver Screen.jpg


3D Silver Screen

Stereoview 3D screens provide a superior surface with the most durable coating available and an industry-leading signal-to-noise ratio. 

Steroview 3D Silver Screen.jpg

Stereoview 3D Foldable Screen

The advantage of the Foldable Stereoview 3D resides in the specially developed coating that allows the screen to be folded for transport. Smaller packaging reduces shipping costs and permits easier handling and delivery on the installation site. 

Northview Horizon White Gain Screen.jpg

Northview Horizon White Gain

The Northview Horizons specially formulated material and coating feature superior image performance and durability. Northview Horizon reduces operation costs by providing the brightness boost required to lower projector output.

Northview 1.0 Matte White.jpg

Northview 1.0 Matte White

Unity gain Northview 1.0 screens are chosen for their optimal light diffusion properties. 

Northview 1.0 Blackback.jpg

Northview 1.0+ Blackback Screen

The Northview 1.0+ screen features a pristine opaque white surface with a black backing. 

Studioview Screen.jpg

Studioview Screen

Featuring front and rear view capabilities for maximum projection flexibility, Studioview is a cream colored surface that functions as an ideal hybrid screen. 

K Series AC Series.jpg

K-Series & AC-Series

Masking systems enable any theatre to present unlimited formats professionally and with ease.

4-way masking systems enable any theatre venue to present unlimited formats professionally and with ease. This design allows for fully automated control at any point in the theatre and/or projection room. The K-Series offers 10 different programmable stops and 4 selectable speeds for unmatched versatility. 

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